About the Artist

About the Artist:

Japanese Washi papers, their colors and textures, have fascinated Tomoyo since high school. The papers inspired her creative nature and, years later, she became a serious student of Chigiri-e. For over 20 years, this form of torn paper art has been Tomoyo's favorite medium. Her Chigiri-e art captures the colorful essence of vibrant flowers, joyous dancers and animals at play, while the fibers of the paper she uses can mimic a cat's soft fur, or provide the texture of soft petals, veined leaves, and shear flowing fabric. Tomoyo is a member of The Washi Art Association, and her work has been exhibited annually at theTokyo Metropolitan Museum, and the popular art show hosted in Ginza. every other year.

Regarding The Petals:

Tomoyo's works of art are all environment friendly. The Washi papers she uses are manufactured by hand in Japan, using traditional methods, from sustainable trees and plants. The glue used is made with water and rice.
Tomoyo teaches the art of Chigiri-e, individually or in small groups, several times a year.


"It is my dream that the work available here on The Petals website will be appreciated and even inspire others to create. With the right textured papers and colors, animals, flowers, or anything really, can come to life. The artwork of The Petals is peaceful and, hopefully, people will feel calm and happy to see it."


                                                                             Tomoyo, 2016



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